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Strategic Sourcing extends beyond supplier price negotiations to take into account the total acquisition cost of purchases.  Our methodology incorporates customer needs, organizational goals and market conditions, along with fact based analysis and market research, to ensure that your organization is getting the best product at the best value.  Our collaborative, knowledge sharing  approach means that our techniques, best practices and intellectual capital survive well beyond the engagement.  

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We help our clients improve procurement performance, optimize supply chain processes, leverage data analytics, and understand how technology can be used to achieve strategic objectives. Our highly experienced professionals deliver meaningful sustainable results.


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Business processes are often overlooked in expense reduction initiatives, yet may provide important intermediate and long-term value. Our experience can provide valuable insight and perspective that can be translated to your organization in order to improve the critical process flows and success factors within your departments.

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Organizations are replete with large amounts of data, but data alone is not enough. Being able to draw conclusions from that data to allow for better business decision making is critical.  Whether it's an overall review of your data function, or a project based inspecting, scrubbing and transforming of data into useful information, Blue Hill can help turn your data into gold.  

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