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Situation:  A 500 bed hospital needed assistance in identifying, implementing and measuring recurring annual cost reductions.


Quick Facts:

• Over $250 million in clinical and non-clinical spend

• Target categories included med/surg, orthopedic implants, reference lab testing, office related expenses, and facilities

• Limited value analysis processes in place.

Results:  Identified and implemented over $5 million in savings.  Instituted a value analysis program to drive continuous improvement.

Situation:  A global automotive and equipment rental company set goals of improving profitability by reducing costs by $100 million


Quick Facts:

• Total non-salary spend of over $1.5 billion

• Client had existing spend controls and sourcing practices in place, and was looking for further optimization

• Significant consolidation had already occurred

Results:  Conducted diagnostic reviews of all major spend categories and supplier relationships to develop a wave plan of opportunities.  Pursued an incumbent vendor priority strategy based on benchmarking and market research combined with targeted competitive bidding processes.  Implemented and measured over $100 million of recurring annual cost savings.

Situation:  Blue Hill was retained by a private equity firm to assist a family clothing retailer with over 350 stores and $1.3 billion in sales in identifying strategic operational improvements and implementing cost savings.


Quick Facts:
• Conducted a detailed review and analysis of annual spend.
• Identified 9 key areas to analyze spend patterns, historical pricing and account value, and combined this detailed account analysis with Blue Hill intellectual property to develop business cases and action plans

Results:  Implemented over $6.2 million in annualized recurring savings while maintaining or improving service and quality.

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